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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.

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Selzapp™ Sales Management application

Selzapp™ is a ready-to-use Sales Management application. It is uniquely designed for a business organization to be able to better managing its sales opportunities. Through its attractive and user friendly interface, user will be able to manage the customer database, track and record its interaction with the customers, track and close new opportunities, capturing issues as well as monitoring its resolution, and many others. It simply helps user improving the way they manage the relationship with the customers, that will eventually increase potential revenue generation. Selzapp™ fits for cross industry Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as big enterprises with customization. In the close future, it will also available by voucher-based Cloud model, at www.selzapp.com, that will be launched in the mid of 2013.

Selzapp™ Sales Management

Key Benefit of using Selzapp™:

  • Serving customers is the reason of a business existence. Managing the customers is managing the business existence
  • Better managing and monitoring opportunities increases the potential of successful sales deals: increase revenue generation
  • Increase customer's satisfaction level: ensure it by gaining control to the relationship with customers. Customer's happiness simply leads to revenue increment
  • User will have a central place for the sales people, marketing team, operation, production and top management to manage the Customers. The sales people will have less administration and more time to close deals

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