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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.

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m.Seven® Executive Information System Dashboard

mSeven™ EIS Dashboard produced by PT. Masvent Technosoft is a ready-to-customize EIS Dashboard software that provides executives a presentation of brief, to the point, and easy to understand important organization performance information that is relevant with organization strategy and operation.

Information is presented in forms tailored to the preferences of the executives using the mSeven™ EIS Dashboard. Most of the executives prefer to stress the use of a graphical user interface and graphics display that can be customized to the executives’ information requirement. Other information presentation available in the mSeven™ EIS Dashboard include reporting and trend analysis. The ability to drill down, which allows executives to quickly retrieve displays of related information at lower levels of detail is another standard capability.

The appearance of the mSeven™ EIS Dashboard could vary from organization to organization. The product itself can be easily personalized as well as to be customized to meet the specific needs. The personalization level can be set variously from the user level until developer level. It extracts existing organization structured data (database, business intelligence cubes, etc.) as well as unstructured data and information. It has also capability to get data from outside organization operation such as from the internet.

Executive Information System Dashboard

Key Benefit of using mSeven™ EIS Dashboard

  • Real time visibility of organization’s operation and performance
  • Easy to understand and to-the-point representation of information, as a basis for quick action or strategic decision making, and further follow up actions
  • Integrated monitoring tool from various / multi source of organization data and information
  • Get informed at anytime (24 x 7 x 365) and anywhere
  • Get alerted on performance progress
  • Easy to use interface, uniquely-designed for executives, compelling presentation and navigation

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