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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.

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ei8ht|system® OnLog™ (Online Access Software for Logistic Service)


ei8ht|system OnLog is a ready to use software specially designed for logistic industry to better serving its customers. It enables the customers of logistic companies to reasg and access their logistic services easily: online from anywhere at anytime. It provides enormous capabilities to handle logistic order inquiries via internet, as well as giving real-time consumption visibility to the users.

Why is NOW the right time for You to use the ei8ht|system OnLog ?

  • Your availability to your customer: anytime (24x7x365).
  • Comfortable online access of services from anywhere, dedicated to Your Customer.
  • Your Customer's Satisfaction: ensure it by gaining control to Your ordering and delivery service operation.
  • Your cusromers' happiness leads to Your revenue increment.
  • Your business expansion potential to cross sell, up sell, advertising, promotion: watch your Customers' habit.
  • Extension access to Your services, double fold Your potential market: more Customers for You.

Take the advantages of eight|system OnLog NOW. Be Online with OnLog

"When we are not taking care of our customers, someone else will"


Onlie Access Software for Logistic Service


  • The software is there Developed with enterprise level standard and methodology, high quality, proven and ready to use. No need to spend time and face the risks to develop from scratch. SPEED is the key to the business
  • Flexible customezation, to fit your needs.
  • Personalized dedicated supportfrom us.
  • Can be instanly integrated to your current web site.
  • Affordable price, flexible schemes

Managing users, sychronize users with back end system and user provisioning facility
Real Time
Data Exchange
Integration and synchronization with back end system (eg. Warehouse Management System, etc)
Report Exporter Export reports or logs into PDF, Microsoft Excel®, CSV (text) or XML format
Security Password management, forgot password procedure, session expiration, etc
Role Management Role assignment for the system and the designated users
User can manage his/her own workspace to manage his/her transaction
Add, delete, modify location/outlet. Register and access grant to new location, POS configuration and integration
Gateway System
Product Synchronization Product and inventory synchronization with back end system
Stock Alert Alert via SMS, eMail or printed letter, determine the Reorder Point
POS/Cash Register
Integration with various Point Of Sales system / Cash Register, offline with CSV format or online with data
Stock Inquiry Inquiry for stocks in various different locations (outley or warehouse)
Service Order
Delivery Order Transfer goods from warehouse location to outlet/shop/factory location (replenishment)
Transfer Order Transfer goods from specific location to other location
Return Order Transfer goods from outlet/shop/factory location to warehouse location (return)
Routing Order Transfer and routing goods from one location abroad to a domestic location (import/export, including Cross Docking)
Order Tracking Track the order status in a specific location or hub
Standard capability
for all orders:
* Time-based policy for transactions
* Reporting Management: Report by Location, Order Type, Product, Product Group, Inventory per Location, Inventory per Holding, etc.
Technology: - Multi Platform: Windows®, Linux®, Mac OS®, etc...
- Multi Database Supports: Oracle®, MS SQL Server®, MySQL®, PosgreSQL®, etc...
- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ready (XML format, web service protocol)



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