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Prior to engagement with listed clients -- before Masvent was legally founded -- under various contracts and affiliates Masvent founder and/or among the team members have been built relationship, involved and serving the following many clients.

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Debtector Use on Indonesian Banks

Masvent has successfully implemented an automated central bank credit rating checking and conversion system in a big Indonesian Bank. The process shall be done by the bank before entering a Loan application into a Loan Origination System of the bank is to check whether an applicant is within a black list of white list of the central bank. In the manual basis, each of the personal data shall be check one by one to the central bank system. With Masvent product "Debtector", the bank reached its maximum efficiency by doing batch-checking, which further boosts its performance in distributing loans to the customers.

Before the system implementation, the bank can process 500 applications per day, 8 hours of process, 30 second processing time for one application and using 5 (five) ream of paper per day. After the bank implement Masvent's solution, the applications reached 2000 applications per day (4 times increase), 4 hours of process (100% efficiency), 5 second process time per application (84% more efficient) and needs 0 (zero) ream of papers (total paperless for the application checking).

We congratulate the bank for its enormous performance and efficiency!

Contact us if you are interested to increase your performance as well.


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