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Prior to engagement with listed clients -- before Masvent was legally founded -- under various contracts and affiliates Masvent founder and/or among the team members have been built relationship, involved and serving the following many clients.

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For the first 5 (five) years of its operation, the following institutions have trusted Masvent to deliver its products and services.

  • 8 (eight) Banks in Indonesia
  • 1 (one) Bank in Singapore
  • 3 State-owned Enterprise in Indonesia (Utilities and Services)
  • 2 retail / community organizations in Indonesia
  • 8 museums in Brunei
  • 2 logistics companies in Singapore
  • 4 multi-finance companies in Indonesia
  • 3 securities / investment companies in Indonesia

Masvent is currently committed to focus on serving its multinational partner, Wincor Nixdorf, in the area of Software (middleware, etc.) solution and implementation.

Beside its own-developed products (Executive Information System Dashboard and Customer Relationship Management), the following are other enterprise software that Masvent has developed and delivered to the clients:

  • Customer Management System
  • Automated Legal Settlement System
  • Printing Production System
  • Integrated Management Information System (Information system for: Academic, Finance, Human Resources, Inventory, Procurement, and Dashboard)
  • Web Ordering System for Logistic process
  • Mobile e-Commerce (Public transaction and Store owner management) in Blackberry™ platform
  • Web e-Commerce System
  • Executive Information System (Web, and Mobile Blackberry™ and Nokia™ platform)
  • Company Incentive/Compensation System
  • Fans and community hub, including channel and merchant transactions

All above software are 100% built under Java™ Enterprise environment, using Spring and Hibernate framework. The mobile applications are developed using Java™ mobile, combined with Blackberry™ and Nokia™ development environment.


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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.
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