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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.

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Have you ever thought to Invest in a Software Business?

Software Business is not like other business.

First of all, the technology consists of a digital "soft" good - usually English-like programming commands eventually translated into zeros and ones - that provide instructions to a computer. These instructions form products that companies can standardize for many users, customize for individual users, or do something in between. Companies that rely on this highly malleable technology for their livelihoods must be unique in many ways, particularly in how they deal with business models, product strategy, people (especially software engineers), and management of a core activity: software development.

There are many examples of how software technology and software companies differ from what we see in traditional manufacturing and service industries. In how many businesses does make one copy or one million copies of your product cost about the same? How many businesses have up to 99 percent gross profit margins for their product sales? In how many businesses do many products companies eventually become services or hybrid companies (that is, providing some customization of product features and technical services such as system integration and maintenance), whether they like it or not? In how many businesses is there frequently a ten- or twentyfold difference in productivity between your best employee and your worst one? In how many businesses are customers 'locked in' to a particular vendor because of product decisions someone made a decade or two ago that can't easily be reversed?

The software business also differs from conventional industries because it is not really one kind of business. Software becomes whatever function or application it addresses.

This means that the range of possible products and services is almost infinite. Software can help you write a report, calculate your company taxes, build a plane, navigate an automobile, control the space shuttle, integrate the internal system in a bank, dial your telephone, or just order you a pizza.

Not surprisingly, there are many categories and even layers of software products and customized programs that work with one another to form complete systems (such as networking software with operating systems, and operating systems with applications).

Above you can see the description of aspects of software technology, software companies, and the software business. They also describe some other high-tech markets, such as telecommunication and various types of businesses heavily dependent on information systems and digital contents. But, surely these describe an unusual type of business.

The potential growth and market size of software market in Indonesia could be seen in Gartner or Forrester research result. However, there are still a huge numbers of the SMEs in Indonesia that also need the software, that is usually outside the Gatner or Forrester radar. Software market is definitely a lucrative market.

Interested to invest in Masvent Technosoft?

MasventInvestSM is a Masvent initiative launched by us that has mission to bridge and facilitate the relationship within investors and the software industries, to gain good profit with less risks for all parties.

Our suggestion is: Don't wait to invest in Software Business. Invest in Software Business right now and wait.

Source: Excerpted and modified by MAS from "The Business of Software", Prof. Michael A. Cusumano, Free Press 2004.


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Masvent provides business solutions that mainly backboned by software systems as its core competence. The business solutions are developed and tailored to address and solve the client's problems.
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